Various & Sundry #7- Beginning of June

BAMQG will be selling Opportunity quilt tickets at the San Mateo County Fair June 6-7 from 11-8 both days. Come and get a ticket and buy some for your friends. We use the money for charity and guild activities. Oh, you can see me as well, if you come on Saturday.

Take a look at my Cafe Press Shop. There might be something that you need for summer!

Websites Articles & Information

This blog post neatly recaps a great article is about  the beneficial effects of crafting. I love the list, because I have thought it a zillion times and I love the neat way in which it outlines my thoughts. The result? Go craft something!

Guy’s guide to hanging out in fabric stores and shopping for fabric with your wife/girlfriend/S.O.

Have you seen that Gretchen has a companion Facebook page to her website? I didn’t know either. Go like it and show Gretchen some love.

I made the Fair Vendor paper, because I retweeted a Daily Deal from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. It is kind of sad for that to be my claim to fame after all the other writing I have done here.

From the inspiration department, check out Eleanor’s Walks. Eleanor is a client of mine and she has started a blog on walking San Francisco city streets. She has about 5 posts so far, including an About Me post and is going great guns. Her posts are illustrated by digital images at the moment, but she is a watercolorist and draws, so some of her drawings will color the blog as well. I think it s a great project and glad to be helping out. Go take a look and leave a comment.

Fabric, Tools, Shops, Supplies & Embellishments

I was fascinated by this blog post about how a fabric order gets processed and delivered. the comments are interesting as well.

Color theory class review by your fave and mine, Carol Wool!

Exhibits, Tutorials & Events

Have you seen Linda Gass’ work? She does aerial views of the San Francisco Bay Area using quiltmaking as a medium. Take a look at her work from a recent exhibit.

The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles has acquired part of Penny Nii’s collection including pieces from Libby Lehman, Michael James and Jonathan Shannon. Take a look at the press release.

Books, Patterns, Magazines & Projects

Need some summer dress patterns?

Sew Sweetness is have a Dress Up Party as well. People are reviewing different patterns on her blog. There are a lot of dresses, but other patterns as well. Check it out.

Receiving Blankets in Use
Receiving Blankets in Use

Remember the receiving blankets I talked about making last month? Here they are in use, cute baby not included. I am very pleased that the new mom likes them and they are in use.

Have you joined the Dresden Plate QAL? SherriD is putting it on and Frances, of The Off Kilter Quilt fame, is joining in as well. Check out Sherri’s ‘Have a Plate of Goodness’ post for directions. In a recent post she talks about inspiration. Check out the Quilt Index and search for Dresden Plate under the pattern option in the Advanced Search screen. I am not doing the QAL, but it was fun to look at the DPs in their collection. If you don’t know how to make a Dresden Plate, check out my tutorial.

Other Artists

If you haven’t taken a look at Daisy W’s Escape Velocity piece, you must go RIGHT NOW and do so. I love stitching and embroidery and this one is very appealing. I love the color and the spiral design as well the way the ends trail off into, what looks like, a fun tangle. If this piece doesn’t make you wish you had joined the Valdani drop on Massdrop, I don’t know what will. 😉

Diana Leone died recently of cancer. She was a quintessential quilt artist and owned the Quilting Bee in downtown Mountain View for years. She had the same birthday as me (a few years older, though) and founded CQFA. She also wrote the book used in the Sampler class I took to  learn to quilt. I still use it, mostly because of the annotations made over the years, to make binding. Her obituary is available in the Mercury News.

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