Throwback Thursday: Hen and Chicks (#TBT)

I made this quilt in 1999 and just realized that I never posted a picture of it. I actually have pictures and needed content so here we are.

Kieran's Hen & Chicks - Front
Kieran’s Hen & Chicks – Front

As you know, I don’t normally make baby quilts for people, so this is one of the few I have made. I made it for one of my nephews when he was born. I am pretty close to his mother and father, so I must have been inspired.

There are a couple of other notable things about this quilt. It is one of the few that I finished in 1999.

I also had a ~2 year old at the time, so getting this quilt together was a major achievement.

Other than those few things, I have no memory of making this quilt. I feel sad about that, actually. I don’t even remember if I quilted it! I do think it came out pretty well and it is bright and cheerful.

Kieran's Hen & Chicks - Back
Kieran’s Hen & Chicks – Back

As you can see, the back has the same font as the Food Quilt #2. This means that I must have had that pattern since at least 1999. The stripe of fabric on the right is Marimekko fabric.

I haven’t seen Jenny posting in a while, but I am linking up anyway.

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