Block Magazine Review

Block, Summer 2015, v.2, n.3
Block, Summer 2015, v.2, n.3

I have been wanting to write a review of Block Magazine for a few months now and this is the first chance I have had to do it. I will write about the magazine in general, but use the Summer 2015, volume 2 issue 3 issue as my reference.

In general, I like this magazine, because there is more to it than just patterns.Like many other magazines, there is an introduction, patterns, sometimes an article about a notion or tool and some piece of quilt-related fiction. This magazine is good entertainment.

Each pattern comes with a story or essay and that makes the patterns infinitely more interesting to me. Wouldn’t you rather hear about how and why Aunt Irma made thus and such quilt from pieces of her little girls’ dresses than just get a pattern on a sheet of paper? I would and, thus, I like the essays that go with the patterns. The essays tell the inspiration of the quilt.

The pattern for Box Full of Letters was in a previous issue of this magazine. There are a couple of interesting patterns in this issue as well. One that I really like is 4 Patch Frenzy. It reminds me of a tile floor. It occurred to me that it might be a good use for the Half Moon Modern fabric I have. I also like Sweet Stars. The bright colors on black have really great contrast.

I also like the colors they use for their drawings of the patterns. The soothing blues and greens make me feel like I can make anything.

If you like pre-cuts, this is the magazine for you. Usually the patterns use some kind of pre-cut, sometimes two. They never talk about bias issues, but the patterns do work.

This issue has an article about needles, which I think might be missing a paragraph, but gives basic information about needles that is really helpful.

Color Palette, Summer 2015 issue
Color Palette, Summer 2015 issue

Sometime ago, I made my own Jelly Roll. In each issue of the magazine, they put together a color palette, which I am often tempted to duplicate. The one included in this issue is particularly bright and cheerful. They also tell the line, stock number and color for each piece of fabric in case you want to buy a piece and/or make your own Jelly Roll.

Do you absolutely need this magazine to get the patterns? I don’t think so. I think that most of the patterns included have been made into one of the Missouri Star Quilt Company videos. The price is really reasonable – $5.99 per issue and each issue is more of a book than a magazine.

I might have to stop subscribing to this magazine just because it is giving me TOO MANY ideas! LOL!