Creative Prompt #317: Harp

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Musical instrument

a kind of nagging

A harp cover of “Let Her Go” by Passenger (by Viviane Nüscheler).

American Harp Society

Harp Spectrum – Information about all types of harps, music, history, contemporary harp, building and resources.

The Magical Harp is a Hardmode magic weapon that auto-fires ricocheting, piercing projectiles that graphically resemble musical notes. – Terraria

The Harp Pub Irish Food is an authentic Irish pub, from our interior to our menu. We hope you enjoy our food and hospitality.

Harp Design Co. exists to provide high quality, environmentally sustainable, handmade furniture.

Harp seal

World Harp Congress – Promotes the performing arts with special emphasis on harp composition, education, appreciation and performance.

Boston Sacred Harp Singers


Orange Harp is the world’s first mobile app for fashion by artisans and brands that respect the planet and its people.

HARP loan program

Definitions: “1. a musical instrument, roughly triangular in shape, consisting of a frame supporting a graduated series of parallel strings, played by plucking with the fingers. The modern orchestral harp has an upright frame, with pedals that enable the strings to be retuned to different keys.
2.another term for harmonica.
“Papa had been teaching him to play the blues harp”
3. a marine mollusk that has a large vertically ribbed shell with a wide aperture, found chiefly in the Indo-Pacific.
verb: harp; 3rd person present: harps; past tense: harped; past participle: harped; gerund or present participle: harping or write persistently and tediously on a particular topic.”guys who are constantly harping on about the war”

Harp is a production-ready web server. Rapidly build static sites and client-side applications using Markdown, Sass, CoffeeScript, and more—no configuration