Reintroducing the Creative Prompt Project

Penny M, a relatively new reader (yay for new readers!!!), asked what the deal was with the Creative Prompt Project. I thought my Friday posts were self explanatory. Regardless, I thought this would be a good time to reintroduce the project. Interest has kind of waned and perhaps this post will boost participation.

The whole idea is to commit each week to be creative. Not for me. Not for your art teacher, but for yourself and to enhance your creativity.

Each Friday I give a creative prompt and each of us interprets that into a drawing, a doodle, a collage, a scrapbook page, a crocheted afghan, a painting, a photo…any kind of creative work that suits you. We can design a quilt, make a sculpture from marble or Sculpey, mold something with clay, paint, or write anything we want in response to the prompt. There are no rules on medium or method. The idea is to develop a regular art practice.

If your week is crazy, post a previous art piece and let that older piece inspire you and others.

Take 5 minutes to create your response. Create a creative habit and not a masterpiece.

How to Join: Feel free to join in by posting your artwork somewhere on the web (your blog, your website, or the AQ Flickr Group). Follow your post up by making a comment in the relevant creative prompt post’s comment area including the direct link to your artwork. You can post your responses to the AQ CPP Flickr Group. You may copy the Creative Prompt Logo image and post it on your blog or website as well. If you do that, link it to the AQ Inspiration page so others know how to join.

Violette's Creative Ideas SpotPeople are inspired in different ways and the web provides a lot of different ways to be challenged creatively. Some additional resources for your creative work can be found on the Creative Prompt Project Inspirations page.

This project will end sometime towards the end of the year. I am going to stop at Prompt #365. You have about 45 prompts in which to create a creative habit OR start from #1 and work through them all.