Gift Bags as Leaders and Enders

Birthday Gift Bag
Birthday Gift Bag

There was a bit of a shortage of gift bags at Christmas. Not critical, but when you don’t always get them back, it happens. I also haven’t made any in a few years. Thus, it was time to get back on the bandwagon.

I bought a few pieces of Christmas fabric on sale to make up for the loss. I also snuck in a couple of pieces of birthday fabric into my cart that were just too cute to pass up.

Gift Bag (fabric from Mrs. K.)
Gift Bag (fabric from Mrs. K.)

I am a fiend for leaders and enders, but when you aren’t using a quarter inch foot it is hard to keep up the pace. This is where gift bags come in. They are a very forgiving project and I used them as leaders and enders as I made the Sew Together Bags.

Birthday Gift Bag
Birthday Gift Bag

Thus I got a few gift bags done without trying very hard. The ones shown here are just a few examples of the 8 or so I have made.

I have about 6 yards of fabric left to make more Christmas bags and I want to get to it, so I can offset some of the fabric I have bought and also get at least one stack off the floor.

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    1. I think about the gifts I have to wrap or the fabric I have to make bags and decide from there. Generally, the smallest bags I have been making use about 1/2 yard. Smaller gifts can be placed in larger bags, but larger gifts cannot be placed in smaller bags.

  1. I came over from Twitter to give you some comment love!

    I’m a fan of cloth present bags and noticed we were getting a bit slim last Christmas. Must remember to do them as leaders and Enders, great idea.

    PS keep an eye on your mailbox????

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