Cityscape Returns

Along with Flowerburst, I also got back this quilt, which I wish I had called Cityscape. It really does look like a cityscape.

Cityscape- back from the quilter
Cityscape- back from the quilter

I have sewn on the binding. I worked at sewing one whole side per evening so the binding process only took me about 8 hours. The quilt is 82″ x 84″ so quite a bit of work. I used a Kona solid for the back and the binding and it was a pain. The needle doesn’t slide through that fabric like I think it should. I MUST remember that.

Cityscape - detail
Cityscape – detail

The red is the background and I had Colleen think of it as a sky and put clouds in it. She did four different types of clouds in the four quadrants. I think of it as the four seasons.

Cityscape - detail
Cityscape – detail

The black and grey are more like buildings, so she did more geometric quilting in those areas.

Now I need to put a sleeve on it.

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5 thoughts on “Cityscape Returns”

  1. It still looks great Jaye! I tried to click on the photos to look at them in more detail (quilting mostly), but an error msg comes up with all 3 of them with page not found.
    Funny how you said your binding took 8 hrs. I remember Frances talking about how long it takes to bind a quilt and she was surprised why it takes so long for some people. I know I felt kind of embarrassed to admit to myself that my 64×64 quilt took me almost 6 hrs to bind. I know I’m not a fast binder, but I also know you can’t see my stitches…
    Anyway, keep up the great work, I love to see your pretty quilts!

    1. I want my stitches not to show and the machine stitching to be covered, so I think it takes me longer. I was surprised at Frances’ comments that the time was too long. I don’t think it is a problem to take a long time to bind.

    1. I didn’t think about little kids playing on it, but that is a great idea. I could change the name,b ut the label is already on. Oh well.

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