FOTY 2016: Good News & Bad

FOTY 2016 Patches: Late May 2016
FOTY 2016 Patches: Late May 2016

I am plowing through fabric so more patches for FOTY 2016 are being cut. In this batch, you will see some from the back of the FOTY 2015 as well as some Ta Dots, which I am cutting into squares to make HSTs using my Triangle Technique. I thought I had all of them cut and then found a few more.

The black and whites  plus the couple of browny-neutral fabrics were originally from Cityscapes, but I am doing another quilt in similar colors. Stay tuned for more on that. There are also a couple of random purples in there. Fun to think about projects I have made or am working on when I see these patches.

The BAD NEWS is that I mislaid the box I had been using to store FOTY squares. All the squares you saw last time were in that box. I had to clean up the workroom and I remember putting the box….somewhere. Exactly where is a mystery. It is not gone forever, I know, but I just don’t know where it is. It will turn up. This is what I get for having projects in process everywhere.

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    1. I am not sure what you mean. I cut fabrics as I use or iron them, so they go up on the wall as I cut them. This is a random layout and will be much different in the actual quilt.

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