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As mentioned briefly, the BAM Charity Sew Day was Saturday. I was busy with CQFA in the morning, but went on my way home. I made myself available as a general dogsbody since I didn’t bring any tools or supplies and was set on the task of basting quilts. My job was easy since there was a high table and the quilts were small. People kept coming up and helping me so it was pleasant as well.

We made about 32 quilt tops.

We totally finished about 6 of them – binding included.

February Donation Blocks
February Donation Blocks

A few people stopped by and brought additional donation pieces, like me. I brought some blocks.

As usual, I have been using these as leaders and enders. I have another 3 on the design wall, but am working on the 4 patches for the Carpenter’s Wheel so there will be a break in donation blocks.

I think these are cheerful and fun. When I get to making more blocks, I have some pink squares that will end up as blocks. I also have some boy colors, which I will need to make up.

People also brought tops and backs they had done at home. I think there were about four of these. I brought the Bits and Bobs top.

Yellow Donation Quilt #2 - Feb 2017
Yellow Donation Quilt #2 – Feb 2017

I also brought Yellow Donation Top #2, which I should be calling lemonade. Twilter Diane (DDRQuilter) said it looked like that I was disappointed not to have thought of it myself. I really like the little bit of pink I added to the blocks. I think it makes it not as ….yellow. Not sweet exactly, but tones down the yellow and also doesn’t make it scream pink.

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2 thoughts on “Doing Good”

  1. I like that the donation quilts look pretty with cheerful colors. I have seen donation quilts that were down right UGLY but the sad thing was that they did not have to be with just a little thought and care. I recently quit sewing with a group that deliberately marked the quilts as donation so they would not be sold by the recipients … their whole attitude was mean spirited. YOUR group seems to be doing a good job with a giving spirit.

    1. We try really hard. I think the modern aesthetic is really helpful in making the quilts cheerful. Also, one of the agencies to which we donate requests cheerful quilts. Personally, I like working with fabrics I enjoy. Most of those, as you know, are bright and cheerful.

      I think it is sad to donate quilts marked with donation, though I understand the desire not to have the donated quilts sold. It is definitely a dilemma. We will happily take your charity blocks and tops if you have no where else to send them. 😉
      Thanks for reading.

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