Peacock Top Complete

Peacock top Complete
Peacock top Complete

I finally finished the Peacock top. The photo looks a little odd, because my design wall isn’t large enough for the whole top so it is bent around the corner and taped to the fabric closet door.  Still, done is done albeit large.

I also finished the back this past weekend. I knew it would take awhile so I started after I returned from the CQFA meeting and the BAM Sew Day. I spent about 4 hours and got about half of it done. The rest of it took me all day on Sunday. I thought about this and decided that the smaller the pieces I have to work with the more time the back takes. I had used most of the large-ish pieces on Saturday, so I was left with rather small pieces. I thought I would be annoyed, but I sewed, actually, quite happily on the back.

I needed to get it done before the CQFA Retreat, because someone wanted to buy my design wall. That didn’t work out so my Pind design wall is available for sale, if you are interested. It works great and is in great shape; it just isn’t large enough for me. Let me know if you are interested.

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4 thoughts on “Peacock Top Complete”

  1. I’ve been watching this project of yours all along. I adore the colors. They are MY colors! It looks great Jaye. I can stare at it and see so many different things! Thanks for sharing.

    I too, wish I had a larger design wall. I don’t think they make one big enough! lol

    1. Well, that is probably true! I do dream of a loft with an entire wall for a design wall, but mostly so I could have multiple projects up at once as I often get ideas as I am working on other things. I don’t like to rummage.

      Thanks for your kind words about The Peacock. Stay tuned for more.

    1. Thanks for the idea! I’ll write a blog post. I sent Colleen an annotated photo of how I wanted it quilted. She is on board. She didn’t say anything about the color changes I want.

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