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Design Wall, March 26, 2017
Design Wall, March 26, 2017

I think it might have been last November that I did a design wall post. I am a little short of content, not having finished or really worked on anything worth showing recently. Some projects are actually worth showing, but not in a recognizable stage. I kind of feel like this whole year, so far, has been dedicated to process and some mindless sewing.

I had to work hard yesterday to fill it up so it would be interesting for you to look at. Not that I hadn’t planned to sew a lot anyway, but you gave me true purpose.

Design Wall, March 26, 2017 annotated
Design Wall, March 26, 2017 annotated

I was pleased and a little shocked that none of the major projects on my design wall were there last November. I am pleased that I have made some progress.

  1. The Lobster has been up there awhile, but not 5 months, which is a relief. I have been feeling twinges lately about continuing to stitch on it, so you may see some progress in the coming weeks.
  2. Latest standard donation blocks
  3. Latest patches for FOTY 2017
  4. Four Carpenter’s Wheel blocks I made yesterday
  5. Latest non-standard donation blocks. I ran out of white squares. While I have more charm packs and can cut them, I didn’t want to stop and take the time. I have been thinking of making some postage stamp blocks with all colored 2.5″ squares and no white. I seem to have a lot of black and dark grey squares, so I decided to head in that direction by making a couple of blocks with those darker colors as background.
  6. The En Provence square is still on the design wall in an effort to keep it on my mind. As I think I mentioned, the Peaky and spike patches are done and I need to move on to clue 3. I am not quite there yet, so it is up there as a reminder.

I am linking up with the Patchwork Times.

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