Heard Museum, part 3: Silver

Last week, I talked about the Katsina collection at the Heard Museum. I really could have taken a photo of each Katsina, but I tried restraint instead. The week before, I talked about the Kahlo / Rivera Exhibit. This museum is well worth a visit. There is a lot to see, so if you go to visit, plan to spend some time there.

Phillip Honanie, Hopi, Necklace, 1970s
Phillip Honanie, Hopi, Necklace, 1970s

In addition to the Kahlo / Rivera Exhibit and the Katsinas, the musem has a collection of silver pieces that are quite beautiful. They make me want to be part of an organization that has rituals that use such beautiful items. The necklace, though more modern, has really gorgeous designs adorning it.

In quiltmaking, I can see using this necklace as inspiration for handquilting or applique’. I don’t know if it is the metal, but the designs also remind me of the metal grates and grilles I saw at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012.

One of my favorite pieces was a vessel. Enlarge the pictures so you can see the lovely lines on the lid and the droplets, or pussy willows, on the side of the container. I also like the hexagonal shape. The top could be used as machine quilting inspiration.

There were a number of other lovely pieces that were inspiring to me.

Author: JayeL

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