FOTY 2017 Oh Dear

Design Wall with FOTY - December 2017
Design Wall with FOTY – December 2017

After photographing the rectangles for yesterday’s post, I took a photo of my almost empty design wall. In doing so, I realized that FOTY 2017 might be another giant unless I did something about the size.

My design wall is 73×46.5 and not big enough, however the FOTY pieces on the wall are 24×36. The pieces shown is just the most recent, small selection of all of the patches I have cut. I am kind of scared at how big this thing could be if I don’t cut some of the patches down. Now I have to figure that out.

Author: JayeL

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2 thoughts on “FOTY 2017 Oh Dear”

  1. MAY be just cut the patches down from here on out …. but keep the original patchwork … decrease your block size by 1/3 …. if it is still too big decrease the size again…. I say Nancy Zieman do that on one of her shows and it made a modern interesting quilt.

    I have “BORROWED ” your fabric of the year idea but since I stopped buy fabric I just add a patch from every piece of fabric I have as I reorganize my stash. They are making some intersting quilts.

    1. I can’t wait to see your FOTY version. I am glad you are making it your own.

      Yes, I will see about making some changes to the size. There are a lot of patches, so if I have to cut them down multiple times, it takes a lot of time.

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