Found a New Fabric Store

I went with the YM and my mom to lunch on Wednesday. My lunch was a banana split! Yes, occasionally I indulge. It was A LOT of ice cream and I refused dessert at MIL’s in the evening.

Piedmont Fabric
Piedmont Fabric

After lunch we took a walk up and down the street. In the course of that wandering, we talked and caught up and FOUND A FABRIC STORE! I couldn’t believe I had never heard of or seen this store. I have been down that street a number of times and I am pretty sure it has been there awhile.

It wasn’t a quilt store, but they had fabric suitable for quiltmaking. I bought some fish fabric to make the YM more pillowcases.

The store is small and crowded. They have a lot of fine fabrics for garment making. I saw some Liberty of London quiltmaking cottons. They had ribbon including some Renaissance Ribbons. I almost bought the new zippers I need for my next Sew Together bag, but they didn’t have the sizes I wanted in the colors. I was able to determine that I want Raspberry zippers.

It was a lovely find, especially since there is a yarn store on the same street. What a bonanza!


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  1. It used to be Poppy Fabrics a zillion years ago. I think the drapes and pillow business is still Poppy. I am over in that neighborhood a lot for Pilates. Some nice stores. Beads, yarn, bookstores (spectator books has really good greeting cards). And ice cream as you obviously know)

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