In for a Penny…

Yesterday, I talked about the Chubby Charmer I started for my SIL. I had some time leftover when I finished as much as I could with the Good Fortune Chubby Charmer. I had another charm pack and have been wanting to make myself another Chubby Charmer. I still love my Half Moon Modern Chubby Charmer. The original ME Chubby Charmer is filled with stuff in my fabric closet, so it doesn’t go anywhere at the moment. The Sugar Pop Chubby Charmer, however, is not a favorite. I tested out the pattern using leftover batting and the bag is really just too floopy. I don’t use it much and will replace it with this new bag. Also, there was really only a couple of fabrics I liked in that bag. I’ll donate it somewhere. Someone will like it. I did a good job when I made it.

Malka Chubby Charmer
Malka Chubby Charmer

The new in process bag is made from the newest Malka Dubrowsky charm pack. Again, I didn’t bring extra fabric to finish the last row. I did spent some time finding fabric when I got home, so I am well on my way to having the two sides done.

My other issue is Soft & Stable. I bought a new pack a few weeks ago, but I used it for the Good Fortune Chubby Charmer. I have some bits and pieces left from the giant pack I got from MassDrop. I am not sure how much I want to piece together little bits. I’ll lay out the bits and see what I have before I decide. I may have to go out and get more before I can finish this one.

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