New Red Strip Donation Quilt

Red Strip Donation Blocks
Red Strip Donation Blocks

So, this is the third in my strip quilt donation series after the Green Strip and the Purple Strip. Apparently, I am creating a series, though I am really just cleaning out my scrap drawers.

I worked on this Sunday as leaders and enders as I worked on the Fabric of the Year 2017 top. I made good progress on both. I am about 4 blocks away from having enough blocks to finish up this top. The sad part is that there is no appreciable lessening of my red scrap drawer.

I also forgot to take photos of the blocks as I finished them, so now I need to go back and figure out which ones are new.


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2 thoughts on “New Red Strip Donation Quilt”

  1. Pretty soon I will be cutting a boat load of strips with my Accuquilt. I want to make a bunch of donation quilts this summer, for a local women’s shelter. I like your ideas on how to utilize my scraps as well as fabric that I have set aside for these quilts. You’re always such an inspiration!

    1. I hope you will let me know how yours turn out. I cut my rectangles the size I did mostly because I have a ruler that size and it is convenient. You might consider using a very thin foundation if you need some stability. I don’t feel I need it, but some do.

      Thanks for your kind words! And thanks so much for reading.

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