Orange Strip Donation Blocks

Orange Strip Donation Blocks
Orange Strip Donation Blocks

I finished the last of the Orange Strip Donation blocks over the weekend. I am pretty pleased with how the blocks look together. As I said in another post, I like the way the color of these oranges look together. They aren’t too garish and are a bit softer, like a Creamsicle look.

I haven’t decided on fabric for the background. Tim gave me a beige-y biscuit color, but I don’t think I want to ruin the cheerful look of the oranges. I wanted a Creamsicle (yes, I am on a binge with that word today) solid, but don’t see one in all the color cards I have. I am going to rummage through my orange bin and see what turns up. I am not adverse to using different fabrics for the background, though I think a solid or tone on tone would be best.

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2 thoughts on “Orange Strip Donation Blocks”

  1. It wouldn’t be a cream-cycle look, but a deep soft brown would pair nicely with those oranges. Perhaps a bright yellow or lime green would make it more summery. Navy blue would give it that cheddar and blue look that seems to be popular these days too.

    I probably didn’t help much and just gave you too many more ideas. lol I’m looking forward to seeing your final choice.

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