More Frolicking! Around

Frolic! Clue 5 Finished!
Frolic! Clue 5 Finished!

I am sort of keeping up. I am still working on Clue 4, but I did finish Clue 5. This was another clue that went pretty quickly and where I used the Triangle Technique for making HSTs.

I find now that I am two clues behind as Bonnie slotted in a clue on New Year’s Eve when I was otherwise occupied. Oh well, one is pretty easy, so I should be able to catch up soon.

Author: JayeL

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

2 thoughts on “More Frolicking! Around”

  1. OK, now I know why I had to save 2 clues, I was wondering about that. I remembered to save everything for future use a week ago, and went back this week just to get confused. I knew I saved clue 5 and had no idea why there were 7 now a week later. Thank you for the explanation 🙂
    I downloaded the pouch pattern over Christmas and started to watch the accompanied video, but never got to finish it. It looks like a great project to make. I’m sure your mom was happy to have it.

    1. The Persimmon pouch is really a quick project – relatively, especially if you make more than one.

      I was confused with Frolic, too! I didn’t realize she snuck in extra clues. Now I AM behind!

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