Mini-Charms are NOT 2.5

Traffic Pattern block #1
Traffic Pattern block #1

As you know, I have been working on the Traffic Jam pattern. I am using Mini-Charms that have been laying around for awhile. One thing I know, but came to my attention again was that Mini-Charms are not 2.5 inches square. they are about 2.5 inches square, but not exactly.

I decided to ignore that fact on the first block and found that the 4.5 inch corner pieces didn’t fit. It should come as no surprise, but sometimes I need to see for myself. Sigh. Also, I often hope for a little magic. There was none to be found.

After taking apart the parts of the block I had sewed, I decided to trim the 4 patches. This can be tricky, so I took pictures of what I did.

Center Ruler over 4 Patch
Center Ruler over 4 Patch

First, I centered the ruler over the 4 Patch block.

I have the 4.5 x 8.5 inch Creative Grids ruler**  that fits my hand very well. I use it all the time so I also know it very well. By focusing on the total size of the 4 patch(4.5 inches), I was able to find the center of the block on the ruler.

You can see by looking at the 4.5 inch square that there are pinked edges outside of that line.

Prepare to cut other 2 sides of block
Prepare to cut other 2 sides of block

Next, I trimmed two sides and flipped the block around.

In the picture on the left, you can see that I have trimmed all four sides of the 4 Patch and it is exactly 4.5 inches square.

Also, I don’t have those pinked edges. This is now the perfect size and will fit with the 4.5 inch plain squares in the block above.

Trimming mini-charms
Trimming mini-charms

While I am on the subject, this concept applies to the single mini-charms as well.

You can see that the mini-charm is not exactly 2.5 inches. It needs to be trimmed. I trim all of my extra mini charms, so I have fewer problems when I put donation blocks together.

Don’t assume your patches are the right size. Measure and trim as needed.










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  1. It’s just my assumption but I think they don’t count the pinked points in the measurements. That throws me off too. It also might be that they don’t want people saying they feel cheated on the fabric. I am just guessing here….I cannot back it up with facts. However, I DO know that I have working with pinked edges myself.

    I like your blocks. You make such ‘happy’ quilts! πŸ™‚

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