Vinyl Pouch Test

I was trolling YouTube for some some reason I can’t remember and found a video for a vinyl pouch. I actually found several, but one from So Sew Easy caught my attention. I think it caught my attention because I have been thinking about the vinyl pouches in the UCAB pattern and how I could make something more useful. I was thinking about making pouches similar to the Comfort Stitching Speedy pouches I made for the officer gifts. That pattern has a lot of binding, which is nice looking, but annoying to sew. All of these random bits of information contributed to my thoughts. The thoughts all sort of dovetailed when I saw this video.

Vinyl Pouch
Vinyl Pouch

I decided to use some scraps to make a pouch loosely based on this video. As you can see, I used some fabric scraps from the projects I have made for mom. I was lazy and the scraps were handy.

Instead of having the ends of the zipper sticking out, I wanted to try encasing them in the seam.I am pleased with the way the ends came out, but I finished the zipper tab and it meant there were a lot of layers through which to sew. In the future, I will leave the sides of the zipper tab open in order to reduce the number of layers. This assumes, of course, I can finish them and they don’t show on the inside. Unlike in the video, encasing the zipper in the ends of the pouch means that this will not be a widemouth pouch.

I also wanted to try boxing corners. Boxing corners means that the pouch will not be as tall, but the user will be able to put 3D objects inside. I was thinking of thread. The boxing worked well, but I had two problems. First boxing vinyl is a hassle. The video shows fabric on the top. I think, if i make something like this again, I will put a fabric strip on the bottom as well. One of the benefits of this pouch is seeing inside and I would want to preserve that feature. Second, I chose a size (1.5 inches) that was a little too small. I think I would try a 2 inch square next time.

The seams aren’t finished and that is always a problem for me, but I didn’t want to take the time. I would if there was fabric on the bottom.

This project is not a loss. It may not meet my perfectionist standards, but I think it is perfectly serviceable.

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