Flying Around Finished

Flying Around Finished
Flying Around Finished

I know you thought you would never see the finished product. It took me awhile to get a photo of it, but Sunday was the day.

I cleared off my design wall and hung up Flying Around. I had to work quickly as finished quilts are heavy. I wasn’t sure if the design wall could handle it.

I might need to make this design, or a similar one again. I think the Friendship Star wreaths need to be farther apart, so they can be more staggered. That means a larger quilt. I know my friends will sigh at that.

The quilting is magnificent. Colleen did a fabulous job. I want to enter this in a big show, but looking at it today, I am not sure it is ready for prime time. Also, are all the shows cancelled?

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  1. I don’t know about shows being held or not but oh my that quilt is so pretty and looks so hard to make! Those circles just look like they’re dancing and whirling around! Well done Jaye!

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