Amy Butler Journal Cover

Amy Butler Journal Cover
Amy Butler Journal Cover

I have a number of the Miquelrius journals** without covers. I want to make covers; I just haven’t gotten around to it. This week I got around to making one.

After making Frolic!’s back, I had some large-ish pieces leftover. I decided that one was large enough to make a journal cover.

After I started, I found that I had run out of flannel. I use the flannel for the interior instead of batting, because it is thinner. Since I won’t be carrying this journal around, I don’t need to worry about the feel of it in my hand, so I just used two pieces of fabric.

I thought about using ShapeFlex, but it is out of stock everywhere and I didn’t want to use it up on a journal cover if I can’t get more at a reasonable price.

Using two pieces of fabric seems wrong somehow and makes me wonder why I think journals need covers. When I am using a Miquelrius journal every day I carry it around. I know that the cover corners can be sharp. Having a cover keeps me from getting cut. Also, having a cover keeps prying eyes away. If I am not really using these journals on a daily basis because they are full, do I need covers. Need? Clearly: no. I think I just want them all to be the same. I guess I’ll have to think about that some more.








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4 thoughts on “Amy Butler Journal Cover”

  1. It is because when you look at your journals they bring you joy. You choose the fabric, you made the cover, you (hopefully) enjoyed the process.

    I know when I look back at the few journal covers I’ve made, I smile. “I” did THAT! Isn’t it pretty? I like that.

    Positivity is a nice feeling to have. Showing creativeness should bring a smile now and then. Smiles are good for us.


    1. Well said!!!! I think you are right. I do enjoy seeing little bits of fabric instead of spiral bindings when I look at my shelf! It really makes the room much prettier.

    1. The ones I am making now are for older journals, but when I use a Miquelrius journal, having a cover is necessary as the journal is plastic and has sharp edges.

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