More Color Ideas

Another Color Idea
Another Color Idea

I mentioned the other day that I folded up some fabric and put it in boxes temporarily. As I was doing that, I came across another group of fabrics that I think I want to make into a quilt.

I had been looking at the Kaffe violet urns and the Philip Jacobs Chrysanthemums for awhile. I wasn’t sure what to put with them, but I think the group of fabric I put together and photographed will make a good quilt.

The two mentioned fabrics will definitely go together. I like the darkest blue (middle right), but I don’t know that it really goes with this group. I also think that bottom green has to go.

I am not sure what I will make, though I think it will be something with an Irish Chain kind of look. I also want to fussy cut the urns so the motif is highlighted.

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