Travel Bag Change

Long serving travel bag
Long serving travel bag

As I was clearing out my workroom to paint, I decided it was time to consolidate bags. My travel bag has served me well, but wasn’t the ideal travel bag and was also wearing out.

I got it in college as a premium with some makeup I bought. That was about 1,000 years ago so it was time.

The bag is a good shape and has a lot of pockets, so it might be worthwhile to make a replacement or another version for a different use.

Sewing machine cart - main compartment
Sewing machine cart- main compartment

I emptied the old travel bag and decided to fill my sewing machine cart with the various items.

🙁 Not great. It was convenient to have everything in one bag, but the various zippers and ‘doors’ were hard to open and close with all the stuff inside.

For the moment this is the way it will be. Since I have been working on La Pass at Sew Day, I don’t anticipate having to worry about traveling with my sewing supplies for the foreseeable future.