La Pass Rosette #1, M2

La Pass, Month 2 progress
La Pass, Month 2 progress

I spent some time at Sew Day working on La Pass, M2. Actually, I spent the whole Sew Day working on La Pass. I got some more done, but, as usual, not as much as I expected.

I might be using Sew Day for the foreseeable future for La Pass since I have so little other time to work on it. I was working on it during meetings where I didn’t have to present, but those meetings are less forthcoming that before.

Many of the pieces you see around the right edge are not sewn to Rosette #1, though some of the smaller chunks on the left edge are attached. I am working on putting chunks together before I sew them to the rosette. 

The chunks are strange shapes. I didn’t follow the guidelines shown in the Pink Door La Pass BOM group. I know I can sew them to Rosette #1 and I just didn’t feel like doing it their way.

Some progress, which is good. Not enough, but better than nothing.




*M2 = month 2