Cutting for La Pass M3

I feel like I am juggling everything, especially my projects. I know many of you have worked full-time for years. I didn’t. I worked part-time or consulted the whole time my YM was growing up. I was fortunate to be able to do so, but also gave up a lot of stuff, such as cable TV. Now I am working full-time and I like my job, but I don’t like working 40 hours per week. It cuts into my life. Still, needs must.

M2 took a long time, probably because I was trying to piece sections on to a large Rosette, but also, because of time. I took so long that M4 will arrive any minute and I have barely started M3.

La Passacaglia Month 3 cut pieces
La Passacaglia Month 3 cut pieces

As a result, I am working on cutting pieces for M3. You can see mostly pieces I didn’t have to fussy cut. i did the easy ones first, though a couple required some centering like the teacups.

I used the flower portions of the skunk fabric, because I don’t want skunks on my quilt. I know people think they are cute, but after smelling one, I don’t want to be reminded of that smell. I cut the stripes the way Tula suggested on her EPP video (see, starting at 7:33). Now I have to do the dots and the other pieces.

My plan is to finish all the cutting, then start on Month 4, catching up with Month 3 when I can. I hope to only be behind on one month not all the months. Who knows? I might be able to catch up.