The Back of Rosette #1

Back of Rosette #1 with M2 in process
Back of Rosette #1 with M2 in process

I have been asked several times to see the back of Rosette #1. I thought this was a very odd request, but after about the third time, I am guessing it is simple curiosity.

I have been thinking about this piece and realized that this is a very different piece from most English Paper Piecing.

I think most people are familiar with sewing hexies. This is more complex and very different looking than hexies. Even though 500+ people are working on the Pink Door BOM, that is a small number compared to the number of quiltmakers out int he world. I think my guild is fortunate to have 2 members working on this project. That is  A LOT for one small guild.

I have always thought that EPP was a great way to do complex designs and after reading All Points Patchwork, I wasn’t scared of any complexity. Perhaps I should have been a little scared of this project as it is not easy.

As you can see, and as I have shown before, there are a lot of different shapes. The shapes don’t really matter (bias doesn’t really matter) as all of the fabric is stabilized with papers. You can see the white in the photo above. Those are the papers. I could take them out from the pieces that are completely surrounded, as I have a little in the Half Hexie Star project. I want to keep them in as long as possible. I am not sure why. Some are starting to pop out, but I keep shoving them back in.

Back of Rosette #1 with M2 in process - detail
Back of Rosette #1 with M2 in process – detail

I am using SewTites**, mostly, to keep the pieces together until I can sew them. Fortunately, I have collected a lot of SewTites, because at one point I was using them all.

I try to keep the back neat. This is one of the large rosettes (I think there are 4 large rosettes) and it is a challenge to handle as I sew.

I have gained some skills and developed some strategies, which have helped. I lay the piece on my cutting table and use the table to hold the weight of the piece while I am sewing M2  pieces to Rosette #1.

I also have started sewing joins together before I sew a whole seam. This keeps things in line.


I still have not started M3 and I know the next shipping date is soon. EEEKKK!






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