Chunks of EPP

There is a lot of discussion in the Pink Door La Pass FB group when each new month arrives. One of the discussions has to do with how to put the sections together before adding them a main piece.

The goal, overall, is to have as many straight lines as possible . One of the members is great at figuring out what pieces to put together to make sections of straight lines.She figured out the Hearts and Cones method I talked about.

La Pass M2 chunk
La Pass M2 chunk

For  month 2 I didn’t pay attention to her work. I just figured out what worked for me. I felt like these chunks worked for me. Adding any piece to a larger rosette, like Rosette #1, is a hassle, but with this chunk, I get a lot of bang for effort.

I decided as the chunks floated around my workroom that I would sew them partially to Rosette #1 so that they wouldn’t get lost, then go back and sew the rest later. Stay tuned for more on whether that worked or not.