Various & Sundry 2021 #12

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

My friend Marty showed me Kohatu Patterns website. She was making a pumpkin tablerunner. I decided I want to make a pumpkin tablerunner for my buffet after seeing her blocks.  I was interested in the patterns, but not as much as the blog, which has some very interesting tips and tricks. She calls them Modern Quilting Guides.

Lindsay pointed me to an older Tula Pink project called Rainbow Waves. It is a basic Storm at Sea quilt, but the fabric selection is GREAT.

Watch Sara from Sew Sweetness as she talks about the magnetic snap die for a rivet press.

If you want to sew along with me, get the A Place for Everything v.2 pattern from ByAnnie. Watch Tula Pink’s video on her versions.

I thought about joining KnitStars this year. It looks awesome, but I slapped myself and didn’t. My knitting skills are not up to the challenge even though I want to pretend they are. Also, remember when I said I was super busy?

Bonnie Hunter has written the introductory post for this year’s Mystery Quilt, Rhododendron Trail (I can see this name quickly becoming RT!). I will definitely read and save the posts, but I am going to wait for the reveal to see if I want to make the project. I do like the colors, however. The pinks and turquoise/aquas are right up my alley. That Burgundy/ Garnet, however, ruins the look for me. Bleah.

Emmaline Bags has a tutorial for installing an internal zipper pocket into a bag. I still like Sara’s video.

Books, Fabrics, Notions & Supplies

Stash Fabrics has a Kona themed wall calendar. Even if you no longer use a wall calendar, this one would be a great year long color inspiration piece.

Modern American Vintage has some beautiful tools. They make wooden point turners, seam rippers and Hera markers. Often wooden tools are over the top, but these are simple and gorgeous. They also have an IG account.

I found a shop called Mashe Modern. They have a great selection of fabrics and great prices. It is a great addition to the list of shops from whom I should not buy more fabric. < LOL >

I am thinking about getting the block-of-the-month option for making Tula’s Butterfly quilt. Petting Fabric has two great selections of fabric. remember when I talked about being super busy? That is what is holding me back.

I am a huge fan of color cards. They are very useful for online shopping and for identifying, especially, solids when they show up on your doorstep.  I have been using mine to differentiate between the Free Spirit solids, Sweet Pea and Freesia, in my Pink Door La Pass BOM fabrics. It comes in very handy for such things. Hawthorne Supply has a good selection.

Media and Inspiration

I haven’t been surfing much lately, so I missed some of Julie’s posts over at High Fiber Content. Take a look at Friend Julie’s August Cornucopia for more, interesting links.

Do you like mid-century modern designs? Carrie P pointed me to a site with a ton of mid century modern designs. They really should open a Spoonflower shop and make the designs available in fabric and wallpaper, etc.

I follow Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness on Facebook, as you know since I can’t shutup about her, and get to see the creations of of her other followers. One is Stephanie and she has a great shop filled with bags. She uses lots of Tula Pink fabrics, if that is your jam. She showed some fabulous Daytrip Wallets, but they never made it to her shop.

The International Quilt Museum presented “Abstract Design in American Quilts at 50: Raising the Profile” with Dr. Jonathan Gregory on June 9. The video is now on YouTube

Exhibits & Shows

Did you attend PIQF? I didn’t for the first time in, maybe, 15 years. I have scaled back my attendance in recent years, but have always gone. I wasn’t up for dealing with the crowds this year. Apparently, there were no crowds. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the event, if you attended.

Other Artists

One of the things I enjoy about fiction set in England is how well versed the fictional British are with poetry. I think they are often assigned poetry in fictional schools and it carries over into their fictional lives where they quote it at appropriate times in their fictional days. I read Shel Silverstein poetry to my son and he demanded more and more. Beyond that and a few long poems in high school, I am woefully under-educated in poetry.  One of my exceptional nieces (I have a few), Michaela, is a talented performer. She has recently started a YouTube channel where she reads poetry.

The County Library System is creating a makerspace and they need supplies. Take a look at their wishlist and buy something or send them a gift card. I hope they get the Cricut so I can try it out.

Melody Johnson of the Chicago School of Fusing fame is creating some really great knitting lately.


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