La Pass M3 Progress

La Pass M3 (Rosette 1 of 3)
La Pass M3 (Rosette 1 of 3)

I never used so much basting glue in my life as I have with M3. To be fair I never used glue for basting until I started La Pass. When I started I used the same refill as I had for M1, M2 and most of M4. I might have refilled once and the sum of those months is around 300 pieces.

So, why did I have to refill at least twice for M3? It kind of scares me, because that means a lot of sewing!

Regardless, M3 is basted (remember I skipped M3 because I had just finished M2 when M4 arrived?) and I have started to sew parts together. There are 3 partial Rosettes that need to be sewn. The first one is above. It is probably the easiest (no damn stars!). I saw someone else line up the polka dots and I liked that idea very much, so I did it, too.

I had a moment of panic when I realized I didn’t have enough of the pentagons to make a ring, then I remembered I was only making partial rings. It is very strange not to be making full circles.

I know it is all about progress right now. I am not finishing a lot except for bags. Stay tuned for a possible apron finish!

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