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La Passacaglia M4, Rosette #7
La Passacaglia M4, Rosette #7

After finishing the first M4 rosette, I moved swiftly on to the second for the month and am making good progress on that one as well.

I am only partially done. The border with the black has about double what you see in the photo, so I have more sewing to do. I may be able to finish it tonight. We’ll see.

The center is not Tula Pink fabric, as you may have noticed. I decided 1) I didn’t want zebra faces on my quilt and 2) I wanted to try combining pieces into a larger piece. I talked about this a little bit before.

La Passacaglia M4, Rosette #7 - adding the border
La Passacaglia M4, Rosette #7 – adding the border

One of the things I have to figure out when I sew each rosette is how to add the pieces. Putting them into chunks and then sewing is much better. Sewing as many straight lines as possible is the best.

The yllow lines show you the segment I put together before I sew the piece to the larger segment. I sometimes sew the three pieces with the teacup and then the three pieces with the black diamond. It depends on my mood.

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