Finished: Ends n.12: Pop Parade

The long lost and latest addition to my Ends quilt series, Ends n.12: Pop Parade, is finished. I mentioned it the other day in my design wall post. I decided just to make a back and call it done.

Ends n.12 (Pop Parade) donation top and back
Ends n.12 (Pop Parade) donation top and back

Ends n.12 is another in the series of quilts I am making using the cut off edges of quilt backs. This quilt, as mentioned, uses Pop Parade, the never-ending fat quarter pack.

This was mostly done. I had to sew a piece or two on, but mostly I had to make the back.

Ends n.12 (Pop Parade) - back
Ends n.12 (Pop Parade) – back

The back uses the rest of that Italian Restaurant fabric I talked about recently.

This will go to Peggy at the next Sew Day.

See all of the Ends quilt on their own series page.

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