Missouri Star Quilt Top

Double Missouri Star
Double Missouri Star

Remember a few months ago when I tried out a Missouri Star block that I had seen on their weekly show?

I like this block, but I did not enjoy making it. I has been hanging on my design wall for months and I wanted to do something with it. For a few weeks I have been thinking of adding another round of star points and making it into a donation top. Over the weekend I did that.

Missouri Star donation top
Missouri Star donation top

I used my Triangle Technique to make HSTs. While this is a great chart, and covers the most used sizes, it doesn’t go up to making 8″ (and larger) units. I guessed about the starting sizes and was a little bit off.

I had to add a little strip to each HST to make them fit. It is not super noticeable and will be fine for a community quilt. Lesson learned.

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