La Pass Month 8 Finished

La Pass month 8 finished
La Pass month 8 finished

Another month of La Pass is finished. This was a lot of pieces, but I powered through and I am really happy I was able to keep up especially in light of my trip to Portland.

It was kind of a hassle to haul this giant piece across states, but it was also good for me to have some sewing to do while I was away. It was a little of a stressful trip and sewing always helps me relax.

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4 thoughts on “La Pass Month 8 Finished”

  1. “a hassle to haul this giant piece across states” I had imagined that the piece was small. what does it measure now?

    1. The green piece is 3 feet across. The version I am doing is double the size of the ‘normal’ version. That is, each piece is 2x as large as the originals.

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