Take a Stand Start

Take a Stand cut pieces
Take a Stand cut pieces

Finally, I started the three Take a Stand totes. Yes, I decided to make three.  I had all the supplies and, of course, plenty of fabric, but just couldn’t start cutting. I went on Saturday to sew with a friend and that was the impetus I needed to do the cutting.

One bag is due next month so I focused on making sure I had all the pieces for that. I am just waiting for one piece of webbing for that one, but it is already on its way, so I am not worried.

Take a Stand Straps
Take a Stand Straps

I am not making straps out of fabric.  I am using Tula Pink’s webbing. I wish ByAnnie’s patterns would say “if you are using webbing, start here –>”. Of course, I have only used webbing twice (this time and for the APfE v.2. Still, I am a convert. I really like it. Tula has fun colors, but they are not for every instance. I’ll have to explore some of the other colors available.

I am resigned to all the prep ByAnnie bags take. I am trying to teach myself not to want to get to the end as ASAP as I seem to demand of myself. It is that old problem for my brain of process vs. product. I can’t seem to get over it, though I do try.

I ran out of Soft & Stable so there are a few pieces of that I need to cut. Since I have that deadline, I quilted as many pieces as I could.  I have now started sewing. I want to do the three at once, but have to get the one done.

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