Careful Cutting

I usually don’t start my basting the second the BOM monthly package arrives. As much as I would love to drop everything and start cutting and sewing, I have stuff I need to be doing, such as work.

I also pre-wash all of my fabric, including the small pieces for this project. The point is that it takes me a little bit of time to get to basting. The good thing about the delay is that I get to see what other people think.

One thing that happens is that people start complaining about not having enough fabric. I have talked about my strategy before, which is to just buy more fabric if I don’t have enough. I always think it is me.

Skinny Triangles - La Pass M11
Skinny Triangles – La Pass M11

The complaining started even before my pretty pink package arrived, so when I got ready to baste, I knew I had to be careful. I also challenged myself to get all the pieces I needed out of the fabric given. I cut the skinny triangles one at a time, lining them up carefully next to each other.  I didn’t have  yards left over, but I ended up with enough to cut a few more skinny triangles.

My expectations are not that we get yards of extra fabric. I am happy to get just what I need. Who knows, though? I never participated in a BOM before. So far, I am satisfied.