La Pass Month 11 Rosette #1

La Pass M11 - Rosette #1
La Pass M11 – Rosette #1

After some false starts with basting, I have made some progress on the first part of Month 11.

The lacy looking bits in the middle ring are what gave me some trouble. I cut pentagons using the flower motifs from parts of the Alice fabrics, but I didn’t like the alternating look. I saw that someone else did all of the white and yellow motifs, so I did that as well.

There isn’t a lot of contrast in this block, which is fine with me. I think I avoided the bee look (black and yellow) pretty well despite the black and yellow in the this block. It doesn’t scream bees at me.

Tula doesn’t use a lot of yellow in her work, so I know Pink Door had a hard time with the yellow rosettes.