San Mateo County Fair 2022 Comparison

First place vs Second place
First place vs Second place

The quilt that won the blue ribbon in the category where I won second happened to be hung next to my quilt. The quilt that won is called Threads and is by Sara Guyol of San Mateo.

I like Sara’s quilt and the only reason I can think that her quilt is in the same category as mine is that they had to consolidate categories. Mine was entered into the Quilt top made by one person/pro quilted and the class was hand guided quilting – small quilt.

Sara Guyol's blue ribbon quilt -detail
Sara Guyol’s blue ribbon quilt -detail

I really think Sara’s quilt should have been in an embroidery category if there is an embroidered quilt category. Her quilt had a lot of Sue Spargo type embroidery on it. It was a really different style of quilt than my quilt. I think of the Fabric of the Year quilts as complex in design, but they are complex to design not to piece. As you know, there is a lot of moving of pieces around before the quilt gets sewn. Once everything is in place, the piecing is easy.

I don’t think the Fair really looks at design. Design is hard to judge, I know, but if they only look at technique, I will never win a blue ribbon. I am not angry about this. Sara’s quilt is amazing and I am pleased that she won. I’d love to meet her and wish there were a reception for the artists.