Cutting Circles

Adrienne's blocks with Julie's circles
Adrienne’s blocks with Julie’s circles

I talked about Adrienne’s Bullseye blocks a little the other day. Once I put the whole thing on the design wall, I could take a look at what I had to work with. My first impression was that the piece was dark. Adrienne selected darker backgrounds than I did. Then Julie used some darker fabrics for circles.

These are not bad choices by any stretch, just different than what I selected.

Adrienne's bullseye with 2d round circles
Adrienne’s bullseye with 2d round circles

The first thing I did was cut a bunch of pinks. I wanted to lighten up the piece, but also didn’t want to slap pink on any old block. I cut circles from the fabrics and tried them out in different places.

The blocks are not in the place they will end up in the final quilt, so I matched the pinks to the circles that Julie cut. This helped me to work on the other blocks as well. As I chose each fabric for the second circle, there were fewer blocks to complete and the choices became clearer.

The picture on the left doesn’t show all of the second circles selected, because I am still in the process.