La Passacaglia Month 12

Month 12 arrived and that means 6 months to go after this.

La Passacaglia Month 12 fabrics
La Passacaglia Month 12 fabrics

At first glance I was not that excited about the fabrics this time. Lots of Tiny Beasts and, as I have said, I do not want animals looking at me for eternity. Also, I have had enough green. I want more turquoise. I need to balance those feelings with “I already bought the fabric and need to use it.” I took a good look to see what I wanted to change out with the fabrics.

As I looked closer, I found that there were some possibilities with most of the fabrics, though there are a couple I will change out.

Stag fabric in fussy cut mirror
Stag fabric in fussy cut mirror

First I got out the fussy cut mirror** to look at different aspects of the stag fabric. This required me to take a good look at the fabric. I found that there were two kinds of orchid type flowers I could use instead of the stag’s head.  The first one was ok, but the second was very appealing. I particularly like the middle.

I am still cutting, so I haven’t done it with all the ‘suspect’ fabrics, but will.

I also decided I would use the ombre little fluffy clouds/sunset (PWTp 177-Dragonfruit from the Daydreamer line) fabric for the middle of the stars. Pink Door had white for those centers. I want the whole star to be one color.

The racoon fabric from Tiny Beasts will probably go as it is basically a tone-on-tone if I eliminate the racoon motif. Same with the squirrels, though there are some interesting vine patterns that may work for fussy cutting. However, they are green.







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  1. That cloud fabric is really pretty, love that ombre. I like the fussy cut mirror picture, it’s so fun to play with that tool. I’m glad you’re making these fabrics work for you.

    1. I love that ombre fabric, especially the pink colorway! I agree about the fussy cutting mirror. It is a fun toy and one of the reasons I am enjoying this project so much.

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