La Pass Month 15 Gone Walkabout

Where in the world is Month 15?
Where in the world is Month 15?

Inchen Korea is the answer.

My La Pass package, which caused me so much drama for Sew Day is in Inchen Korea heading towards a military base.


Who knows. Pink Door has sent me a second package after a couple of inquiries. They also told me to go to the Post Office and ask them to help me. My local post office knows me and knows I am not a lunatic, usually. The helper, however, wasn’t very helpful and I got the boss. He said that they can’t do anything, because they don’t own the package. He suggested I tell Pink Door to issue an ‘intercept’ on the website and get the package sent back to them.

I told Pink Door, but haven’t heard back, so for now I am still waiting. I think I will start sewing the rosettes to each other. I have to do something and I am sick of knitting.

More Pointillist Palette #4

I worked all last weekend on the Pointillist Palette #4 project. I made good progress, but I am not feeling any connection with this quilt. I was quite enamored back in the day, but time did not look kindly on this project. I don’t sincerely dislike it, but I also don’t understand why my younger self loved the concept so much. I guess I need to think about how my quiltmaking has evolved and what makes up my quiltmaking. 

This cements my resolve to not let projects linger.

Pointillist Palette #4: blocks in process
Pointillist Palette #4: blocks in process

So, I worked hard on finishing the blocks for this project.

The piecing is super easy, just a lot of straight stitching in long chains. It is going quickly. It is good after the other projects I have worked on recently.

For this quilt in the series, I want it to be dark, thus the black and white aboriginal prints. I stopped using the lighter parts of the ombre fabrics to get that darkness, but there are still a lot of light fabrics in the quilt. I wonder if I will have to resew some blocks.