Gerre’s EPP

Gerre and I finally arranged a sewing day, which consists a lot of talking and eating with a little sewing thrown in. I worked on cutting out pouches for upcoming holidays and birthdays. I decided to make some small Moto Pouches, from Sew Sweetness Minikins Season 1, for the nieces as well as a large Hackney pouch Minikins Season 3.

Gerre worked on her Harmony & Light Quilt-a-long quilt. She bought the fabric bundle and her quilt is coming a long very nicely.

Gerre's EPP project
Gerre’s EPP project

One of the things we talked about was her needing some handwork for some upcoming recovery time on the couch. I asked her if she had any UFOs. She does some hand quilting and I was thinking of big stitch. Instead she talked about an EPP project on which she was stalled. It was made with Malka Dubrowsky fabric. She brought it out and I was gobsmacked by the amazing design, the beautiful colors, her amazing stitching and how far along she was. Those hexies are 3/4 inch!

Gerre's EPP project- detail
Gerre’s EPP project- detail

She said she got stalled at some point and put it away. I gushed about it, because I really like it and we talked about design. After I was done gushing, we talked about what she needed to do to finish it. She needs to make a center and finish the edges.

She said I gave her the All Points Patchwork book. She brought it out and we looked through to see if we could get some ideas for finishing the edges. In looking through it we found a hexie design that would be perfect for the center. We discussed different ways of finishing the quilt, like adding pieces to make the edges straight, cutting off the edges and appliqueing the edges to another piece of fabric.

I got really excited about this project and she did, too. It will give her something to work on and she will get a UFO completed. I can’t wait to see it finished.