La Pass Month 15 Gone Walkabout

Where in the world is Month 15?
Where in the world is Month 15?

Inchen Korea is the answer.

My La Pass package, which caused me so much drama for Sew Day is in Inchen Korea heading towards a military base.


Who knows. Pink Door has sent me a second package after a couple of inquiries. They also told me to go to the Post Office and ask them to help me. My local post office knows me and knows I am not a lunatic, usually. The helper, however, wasn’t very helpful and I got the boss. He said that they can’t do anything, because they don’t own the package. He suggested I tell Pink Door to issue an ‘intercept’ on the website and get the package sent back to them.

I told Pink Door, but haven’t heard back, so for now I am still waiting. I think I will start sewing the rosettes to each other. I have to do something and I am sick of knitting.

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  1. This reminds me of a letter you wrote me ages ago, I think about a Qi Gong retreat, that somehow got redirected to Korea and then finally came to me with all sorts of interesting post office stamps and notations on it. Here’s hoping both or at least one of the packages show up soon!

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