PP#4 Damage

When I brought PP#4 home from Sew Day, I put all of the blocks up on my small design wall so I could see what I had. I had mostly worked on creating small using that would later be made up into blocks. Since I was working at Sew Day, this was a good way to make progress without having to spread everything out. This project is good for random, speed sewing without a plan.

As I put the blocks up, I noticed that two of them had some kind of damage. I thought this was really strange since the project has been in a non-offgassing box in my fabric closet, so mostly out of the sun. I have never seen bugs in there. I am pretty careful with my quilts and projects.

I inspected all the blocks carefully and found only two places where there was damage. I marked the spots with some WonderPins and worked on making the other blocks while I thought about what to do.

I didn’t do any repair right away. Eventually I decided to just replace the pieces. I have plenty of that fabric and the repair was a little fiddly, but not difficult. When I finished the blocks, I made the repairs. The blocks look fine now. I do keep looking to see if I see signs of other damage developing.

I see this as another good reason not to have 20+ year old UFOs lying around.