Ridiculously Pleasing Percheron

Percheron Pouch (top) in process
Percheron Pouch (top) in process

I am ridiculously pleased with how this Percheron Pouch (part of Minikins Season 3) is turning out.

The photo, left doesn’t show much to you, but the top has nicely fussy cut fabric and is pleasingly stiff. Granted, there is a lot of interfacing in the top. Still, I am super happy when it all works out.

I started working on this just to get a break from the Tarts. I didn’t expect much progress. When I made this pattern before, I just remember struggling. Still, I couldn’t get the pattern out of my mind and decided to make another one as a gift. Since I needed to rest my body from quilting, I thought it would be a good time to make a start. I had cut out all the pieces previously, so was ready to go.

Percheron Pouch: top is 3D
Percheron Pouch: top is 3D

I worked along slowly, listening to my book and alternately ironing fabric for Stay Tuned. Suddenly, the top was made!

I am so pleased with how it came out. It is really 3D! The fussy cutting looks great and even the (IMO) ugly zipper fits really well with the fabric.

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