Hackney Pouch Almost Finished

Hackney Pouch in process
Hackney Pouch in process

It is so strange to think of these bags as pouches. I really think of pouches as the one zip things like the Cotton Candy Pouch pattern. Still, Sara at Sew Sweetness calls these pouches. She is way more experienced than me.

This is another one of the Minikins Season 3 patterns from Sew Sweetness, like the Percheron and the Piebald Pouch. People tell me it will fit a Switch gaming device, which is why I chose the large size. Also, for my first go round, it is easier to make.

I struggled with not having a free arm on my machine., as I did with the Moto Pouches. I need to think about that and whether it is time to upgrade my machine. I am ready for a fancy machine again, but I am not sure I want to spend the money.

I am planning to make another one of these pouches for a Christmas gift. First, I need a gift and the recipient will appreciate the complexity. Second, I want to try again.

I still need to sew up the lining and fix one problem, but I’ll be able to finish today.