Some Gifts for Me

One of my students invited me over to her house for lunch. It was a fabulous lunch! She is a great cook and I stuffed myself. Both students were there and they got together and got me a wonderful Christmas gift.

Organizer tote box - closed
Organizer tote box – closed

The wrapping was definitely professional, but the gifts were what I really enjoyed. First the whole thing was ‘wrapped’ in a organizer tote box.

It has four levels and they clip together so I can carry it somewhere. The levels can be completely taken apart or one can be taken off, leaving the other three clipped together.

Organizer tote box - top level
Organizer tote box – top level

In my lucky case, each level was filled with fun surprises. The first level held thread and some of those new(ish) zippers with the round pulls. The colors are super fun – neon green and neon orange. The other two have two colors – one color for the zipper tape and another color for the zipper. I have seen people using those zippers, but have never bought them. Now I can try them out!

Organizer tote box - level 2
Organizer tote box – level 2

The second level held items I can use for bag making plus some embroidery floss and a small bracelet made by Carrie. They also included a guide for my machine. It will be very useful when I need to sew a quarter inch seam, but also want to use a foot other than my quarter inch foot. I’ll also be able to easily measure 3/8″ when sewing bag linings. Can’t wait to try that. The two things that require no testing are the washaway tape and the machine needles. I can always use more of both of those!

Organizer tote box - 2d level
Organizer tote box – 2d level

The third level held journals! They are similar to my favorite Leuchtturm journals** but a little different. Also, they are blank. I haven’t used blank journals in years. I like the Leuchtturm gridded journals, because I can draw quilt blocks in them. Recently I have used a ruled Leuchtturm journal** and a Miquelrius gridded journals**, so I am flexible. I am almost out of Leuchtturm journals, so I will definitely use these.

Organizer tote box - bottom level
Organizer tote box – bottom level

The bottom level held a fun sewing t-shirt and a box of Wayne Thiebaud cards. OMG! The cards have some of my favorite WT images. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the t-shirt, but it has a rainbow colored heart monitor with a sewing machine and a pair of scissors. It is really fun.

I was so overwhelmed when I saw this gift. It is such a generous array of items. i was really grateful to them.






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