Minikins Season Three Projects

After writing about the Hackney on Sunday, I looked back at the patterns I have made from Minikins Season Three* and decided I wanted to see them all together. The Minikins patterns are bundles (12ish different patterns) of small project patterns from Sew Sweetness. So far, I have purchased all three bundles.

Here are the projects I have made from Minikins Season 3 patterns:

It’s kind of fun to see them all together, isn’t it? Not sure the designs really have a theme, but it doesn’t matter.

I haven’t made all the patterns, but I will some day. they make great gifts and I am constantly thinking of new ways to use the designs and new people to whom to gift them. People in the Sew Sweetness group complain that they don’t want all the patterns and want to buy them singly. I think they should just shutup and let Sara run her business the way she wants.

Check out the full Minikins page.

*no affiliation, just a happy customer