Gift Post #2: Project Bag for Mom

Mom's Project Bag
Mom’s Project Bag

I made a bunch of these project bags as Christmas gifts. Here is one I made for Mom.

Of course, I used the paint tube fabric. I still have a lot of it, so there are more bags in Mom’s future. The ByAnnie pattern** includes four sizes. This is the large size, but I don’t think it is very large. It is about half again as wide and tall as a sheet of notebook paper.

Mom's project bag back
Mom’s project bag back

I was kind of surprised at the size, actually, though I do have issues with understanding how big something is in real life when I look at an image online or check dimensions. If I had known the size, I would have made the extra large, which is also included in the pattern.

I am not sure I’ll make this pattern again. While it wasn’t difficult, once the quilting was done, I am not sure it is useful. There is no gusset, so how much stuff could actually fit? I don’t know. I haven’t tried one. Maybe for EPP pieces?

Two project bags for Mom
Two project bags for Mom

I hope these are useful despite the size. My Mom always finds good uses for the bags I make her.













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