Last La Pass

La Pass Month 18 packet
La Pass Month 18 packet

My last BOM packet for La Passacaglia came a few days ago. <insert crying emoji here>

It was a fat packet with a lot of fabric for the last rosette. I probably won’t use most of it since I am changing the predominant color from green to blue.

La Pass Month 18 fabrics
La Pass Month 18 fabrics

I’ll use fabrics that I used in the Month 16 rosette. I found more of the fabrics wrapped in each other when I went to wash everything, so not all of the fabrics are shown. Since I won’t be using most of them, you can ignore the selection. LOL!

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    1. I know! I am so sad, but will definitely do another EPP like this. I am going to try and finish this one before I sign up for the next one. Pink Door is taking ideas for another one. I didn’t like Queen of Diamonds enough to sign up, so I’ll probably have to wait 6 months or so.

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